What is MyCommunity?

Join the Rainforest Guardian Programme and journey to the heart of the Congo Basin Rainforest

The Rainforest Guardian programme is a new opportunity to join us on a journey to the heart of the Congo Basin rainforest. By supporting the programme you will enable the Rainforest Foundation UK to map 700 rainforest communities in the Congo Basin and help them protect their forest from threats like commercial logging.

As a Rainforest Guardian, you will receive:

Exclusive Access to Your Community

Exclusive access to information about the Ambassador Community and an unprecedented insight into our work with the communities of the Congo Basin rainforest.

Follow Up

Videos, real-time updates on our work and testimonies from the field.

Direct Contact

You will be able to contact us directly at guardians@rainforestuk.org.

A message from the Director

By becoming a Rainforest Guardian you can help communities create tangible proof of their existence and defend their forest.
Simon Counsell

 Executive Director, RFUK